Women's Volleyball Team of Lehigh University, USA Visited Our School

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      From May 20th to 23rd, the women's volleyball team of Lehigh University, a 15-member delegation, visited our school and played a friendly match with our school’s women's volleyball team at Jiangning Sports Center Stadium on the afternoon of 21st.
        Amid the cheering of more than 300 teachers and students present, our team landed a 3-1 victory over the visiting team. This match was part of the content of bilateral exchanges agreed on when Alice Gast, President of Lehigh University, paid a visit to our school last year.
      During their stay in our school, the women's volleyball team of Lehigh University also visited our Jiulonghu campus, Sipailou campus and Chengxian College, and communicated with our team members and other students. Liu Bo, Vice President of our school, paid a special visit to the visiting volleyball players and coaches.