Since Juvenile Class, CSWC has educated over one thousand professionals of all kinds. Some became the leaders and experts in many fields. Some graduates make scientific research in the world-class institutions. Some engage in the development of new technologies and products in domestic and international companies, creating huge profits for the enterprises. Some engage in academic research and talent cultivation in world-class universities, hired as Yangtze River Scholar professors or well-known scholars. Some are awarded the honorary title of provincial advanced workers because of their special contributions in related fields, etc. A large number of alumni are exploiting their ingenuity in the grand cause of promoting the development of our country’s economy, education, science and culture.

Outstanding Alumni
Sha Fei
student in Juvenile Class 1985, became lecturer in South California University. In 2013, he won the “Sloan Resarch Fellowship Award”, recognized as a very best young faculty member in his field of science in USA.

Sun Xiaodong
student in Juvenile Class 1985, became expert in AT&T Bell Laborotary and member of council of Global Chinese Statistical Association, and was invited by the National Academy of Sciences of the U.S. to handle the accreditation work of some major state projects and research departments in 2002 as a recognized authority in statistical community.

Zou Qiuzhen
student in Juvenile Class 1989, became Vice President of Qualcomm, as one of the founders of LSI design group of Qualcomm. The chips designed under his leadership caused the value of 1.3 billion dollars in a single year of 2001, which was the main profit source for the company.

Gu Zhongze
student in Juvenile Class 1985

Hui Xinbiao
student in Juvenile Class 1985

Alumni from Class 1989 visit Chien-Shiung Wu College


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