Chien-Shiung Wu College emphasizes on cultivation of students` global perspective. With policy and resource support from the College, studentsare strongly supported stepping outside through diverse approaches. In the latest 3 years, near one hundred students have benefited from various international programs, including exchange programs, short term programs, summer internships, international conferences, double-degree collaborativeeducation programs and so on,some of which are supported by CSC.In addition of university level programs, Chien-Shiung WuCollege has been constructing a featured international platform, providing more opportunities and choices for students to joininternational communications.

Freshmen attending international conferences
Due to the teaching reform of the course “Introduction to Bilingual Physics” and guided by the idea of “Getting in touch with research as early as possible, stepping on international platform as early as possible”, some 4-6 freshmen are selected annually, according to their autonomous learning and research papers and performances in the course, to participate international conferences, such as AAPT (American Association of Physics Teachers). Except for listening to the newest ideas among physics area, participants have the opportunity to present their own programs through oral talks and posters. Since 2005,33freshmenhave showed their works on this stage, whose performances drewattention and appreciation from domestic and foreign scholars. Science made a special report about this reform on No. 5834 in 2007.

Constructing SEU Branchof SPS
SPS(Society of Physics Students), belonging to the American Institute of Physics (AIP, the union of 10 top science societies in physics), is a students’academic community, which has over 800 branches and more than 4100 members all over the world.In December of 2010, Chien-Shiung Wu College, together with Physics Department, led the establishment of SEU (Southeast University) Branchof SPS, the first one in China main land. Meanwhile, a group of undergraduates in Chien-Shiung Wu College got a financial support of $1900 from AIP for their research project. In 2012, some 2undergraduates in Wu College participatedin the SPS Congress 2012 in US with their research projects, which is held every 4 years.



Exchange Program With The Honors College of WSU
WSU (Washington State University)and SEU has established a longtermReciprocal Student Exchange Program(RSEP) between each Honors College, which is aiming at enhancing the exchange of scientific knowledge and cultural tradition at the global level in keeping with both parties` commitment to international scientific and cultural exchanges. This program has been approved by CSC for financial support and has kick-started in 2013 with 2 our students to WSU Honors and 1 their student to SEU.

Double-degree collaborative education program with IPS College of Waseda University
A so called 3+2 collaborative education program between Chien-Shiung Wu College and IPS College of Waseda University was started in 2013, through which 5 of the students who have finished 3 years in Chien-Shiung Wu College are recommended to IPS for another 2 years’ study and then got bachelor’s degree from SEU and Master’s degree from IPS. Based on this collaboration, several juniors and seniors in Wu College are supported every year to attend IPS international symposium.

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