Chien-Shiung Wu College (CSWC) is the honors college in Southeast University (SEU), which is named after Madam Chien-Shiung Wu, the world renowned physicist and also alumna of the university. Prof. Zhang Guangjun, president of SEU, serves as the dean of the college. Prof. Lei Wei,serves as the executive dean.


The college was first founded in 1985 and now there are intensive classes of Information and Electronics Engineering, Mechanics and Dynamics Engineering, Advanced Science and Engineering. Freshmen within top 5% in the National Entrance Examination receive invitations for joining CSWC and the final admission is got after a series of comprehensive assessment. The overall number of students of the college is about 500. Nearly eighty percent of the graduates go on to seek further studies. 

Over a thousand students from CSWC has become professionals of all kinds, many of whom have made their own important contributions to the development of the country’s economy , education, technology and culture.

College History


The group photo of the first Juvenile Class

CSWC can be traced back to the Juvenile Class of SEU established in September 1985 with the purpose of actively exploring the best training mode and objectives for talents. In the middle of the1980s, individualized education was stressed by central government to provide talented students with specialized and well-targeted training. The total admission of Juvenile Class in SEU of the first year was 32. In 1990, Juvenile Class was renamed as Intensive Class, and enrollment expanded from juvenile students to a combination of recommended high school students, excellent enrolled students and juvenile students specially recruited.  

With many years’ accumulated experience, CSWC was formally established in February 2004 in order to build up the concept of talents education and find the breakthrough in training modes. CSWC became an important base attached to SEU, gathering outstanding teachers, excellent students and carrying out teaching reforms. 

The original Intensive Class was named as “Intensive Classes for Information and Electronics Engineering”, which means students will later major in EECS. In August 2004, “Intensive Class for Dynamics and Mechanics Engineering” started , which enabled undergraduate training to cover nine first-class academic colleges in SEU, namely, Mechanical Engineering, Energy and Environment, Information Science and Engineering, Electronic Science and Engineering, Automation, Computer Science and Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Instrument Science and Engineering. The annual enrollment was expanded to 120.

In August 2007, “Class for Advanced Science and Engineering” was set up as an innovative practice of a new talents training mode, which exercised individuation, mentoring and coaching, learning and researching.


Some eighty percent of graduates of CSWC seek further studies in renowned universities and research institutions domestic or abroad including Tsinghua University, Peking University, University of Science and Technology of China, Fudan University, Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Southeast University and Chinese Academy of Sciences and some international leading universities such as Stanford University, University of California, and University of Pennsylvania.


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