Campaign for Chien-Shiung Wu Honors Student of 2017 Was Successfully Held

Onthe evening of March 31nd, the on-the-spot campaign for Chien-ShiungWu Honors Student of 2017 was successfully held at Class-111, Teaching BuildingOne, Jiulonghu Campus of SEU. Zhong Hui, deputy secretary ofgeneral Party branch and vice president of Chien-Shiung Wu College(CSWC), Kuang Yinghui, vice president ofCSWC, Xu Zhenhua (enrolled in 2010) and Chen Qian(enrolled in 2011),representatives of graduates, as well as college counselors in charge ofdifferent grades attended the ceremony. Representatives of SEU students’ unionand of other students’ unions affiliated to various departments, as well asstudents in all grades at CSWC also participated in the campaign.

15 candidates took turns to give their personal presentations and shared stories aboutstudy and life, setting good examples for other students. After specialistevaluation and the on-the-spot audience voting, Jin Jiejun, Jin Yuhui, LiPeiwen, Liao Xiaofei, Wan Xiaoyan, Wang Yang, Xu Chenyu, Yan Ge, Zhang Yufengand Zhou Aijun were honored with Chien-Shiung Wu Honors Student title. MiaoShuangshuang, Li Zhiang, Xu Wenhan, Sun Haoyu and Liu Yaxuan were nominated forChien-Shiung Wu Honors Student Award. Xu Zhenhua and Chen Qian, tworepresentatives of graduates, were also invited to share their stories andtheir reflections on growth. They both mentioned that students of CSWC shouldlook for the cause what they truly love and make unremitting efforts for it, tocombine knowledge with practice and to bravely assume the responsibility placedby the society and country. Students from Juvenile Class(enrolled in 2017) ,Liu Tianyuan (enrolled in 2047), Zhu Hongzhi and Yuan Hao(enrolled in 2017) alsobrought wonderful performances for the campaign.

The campaign hosted by the Association of Students affiliated to Chien-Shiung WuCollege was officially launched in November 2017. Afterself-recommendation, class recommendation and college recommendation, 15candidates won their tickets into the final on-site selection.

The campaignfor Chien-Shiung Wu Honors Student hasbeen successfully held 10 times. As a platform forselecting excellent students who play exemplary roles, the campaign has encouragedstudents of CSWC to keep forging ahead and to strive to grow into leadingtalents capable of promoting the future development of humankind.


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