Student Huang Lingying at Chien-Shiung Wu College(enrolled in 2013) Was Honored with SEU’ s Most Influential Graduates of 2017 Award

On the evening of May 26nd, the on-the-spot campaign for SEU’s Most Influential Graduates of 2017 was successfully held at Jiao Tingbiao Pavilion situated at Jiulonghu campus. After several rounds of selections including contestant defense and evaluation activity led by the organizing committee, Huang Lingying,student representative of Chien-Shiung Wu College(enrolled in 2013), won her ticket into the final on-site selection to share her story about the academic life and researchexperience as well as the due responsibility held by any members of Chien-Shiung Wu College. After the on-site voting and public voting, 10 candidates including Huang Lingying and students from other colleges were finally elected as “ The Most Influential Graduates of Southeast University of Year 2017”. Congratulations to Huang Lingying! It is also our earnest hope that students at our college could follow up the steps of excellent examples to live up to our expectations and assume the mission of the Times!

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