“Understanding Germany and European Union”系列讲座通知

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Understanding Germany and European Union”系列讲座通知

系列讲座名称:Understanding Germany and European Union 了解德国与欧盟

讲座人:Dr. Reinhold Luecker


The European Union(EU)  is one of the strongest macro-areas in economy and trade. If we want understand the importance of the internal peace-making function of European unification we must have a look in history first. The creation of the EU is a unique attempt to overcome nationalist rivalries and develop enormous economic strengths through trade without borders, rising productivity and living conditions in all sub-areas, including peripheries. Monetary union and last but not least political union constitute elementary pillars of the EU. However it remains a constant and very actual question of how power is balanced between national States and the EU and how this unique experiment functions in the global world. A final question is how the rest of Europe and the EU will cooperate in the near future. For Chinese students coming to Germany we will introduce to basic knowledge of intercultural communication in order to better understand Europeans and Germans and starting at the best the stay for studying and doing research in a German university



Challenges for Germany and the new Government  对德国和新政府的挑战

Help to prepare your study in Germany 如何准备在德国学习(选听)

Structure of a World Economy, the German Social Market Ecomomy 世界经济架构与德国社会市场经济

Germany´s social system 德国社会体系

German Education System 德国教育体系








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Dr. Reinhold Luecker, born 1951,  has been Director of the International Office at Ulm University for 25 years. He studied geography, economy and roman languages in Germany and France and finally did PhD in 1985 at University of Tuebingen where he joined a research group focusing upon Latin America. For six years je taught economic geography as assistant professor and did basic research on economic and regional development processes mainly of agricultural modernization in rural areas of Brazil. In 1992 he took over the position as Director of the International Office at Ulm University and put the focus on internationalization of teaching and research, bringing the internationalization strategy forward. He pushed the creation of English taught master programs and relevant international exchange programs with all continents. But China revealed being the most promising target country; mainly cooperation between SEU and UUlm proved highest potential. Dr.Luecker is one of the founding persons of German University in Cairo (GUC) and managed numerous funded exchange projects between GUC and German universities. During one decade he has been teaching students in the International Summer Program of Ulm University about Europe and Germany.

Email: Reinhold.luecker@alumni.uni-ulm.de